Exercise Videos

Valley road Patient Participation Group have set up and run a chair exercise class for older people registered at the surgery. This has been of great benefit to participants who have benefitted physically and have also gained a lot from the friendliness in the group. Our lovely instructor, Ingrid, has kindly made a video showing some of the exercises and we would like to share this with all our registered patients aged 65 and over. For many of you this will not be suitable, but for others it may be a helpful way of getting some exercise whilst spending more time than usual at home.

We encourage you to do this or some other exercise at home for 30 minutes several times per week, even if you are not able to get out. We hope some of you will enjoy watching this video and joining in. We also invite you to come and join in whenever we can start to run the class again. If you are interested in being notified please call reception and leave a message with one of our receptionists and we will pass on your details to the organiser.

If you are new to exercising, please start with the 20 minute video.